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Meet Tiffany

a Certified aesthetic nurse specialist and beauty nurse to celebrities, models, fitness competitors, playmates, adult stars, athletes and Beverly Hills soccer moms.

A true west coast native, Tiffany knows the importance of proper skin care and maintenance. Raised in a multi cultural household with a stepfather who was an MD, she has been fascinated by the practice of medicine since childhood. She is also specially attuned to how many treatment options must be expertly tailored based on the specific ethnic skin types of the clients. As a college student, she began working in a very prestigious plastic surgery office in Beverly Hills, discovering the miraculous world of cosmetic surgery and advanced aesthetics. This discovery combined with her passion for beauty, refinement, detail and people led her inevitably into the world of aesthetic nursing. Today, after training with some of the best laser and injectable specialists in the country, Tiffany and her esteemed medical director, Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, enthusiastically bring her passion, expertise and knowledge directly to you. Together you and Tiffany can collaborate and devise a regimen formulated just for you and all of your skin-care needs. For more details on Dr. Forouzanpour and what specialized treatments he can offer you please visit his site at