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However, a lot of us seem to agree on what is "beautiful" these days. Undoubtedly you have thought at one time or another, I wonder what she's had done? Is that a real butt? Or I wonder who all the models go to for breast augmentations? Now while I am an advanced aesthetic Nurse specialist, I am also a former model who has been in the industry for 15 years. And what may have been a few years of vanity, as I believe all models are guilty, coupled with working with some of the most amazing plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, I believe has developed into quite a resource. From who to go to and who to avoid, to the best priced for your money to the best that money can buy, I have had the experience, heard the gossip, known the patients, been the patient. I can guide you from hair to hiny. Real or fake. Products, Make-up, lasers, surgeries, where to shop, where to find certain things, what works and what doesn't. I tell it how it us. I have your back and because of that, I know you will keep coming back!

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