Botox Bar

Botox, Dysport, Jeauveu, Xeomin


Perfect for first-timers or those looking for a more natural look.

Brow Lift:

Looked more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Fox Eyes:

Pull back your upper lids ever so slightly and slay the dramatic Cat Eye

Goodbye, Sweat Stains:

Say adios to sweaty underarms and embarrassing stains

Migraine Relief:

Get rid of migraines & chronic headaches once and for all

Kissy lines:

Smooth out the skin around your lips to create a more youthful and inviting kiss.

Jaw Pain:

Alleviate jaw pain from stress clenching and TMJ

Jaw Slimming:

Get the youthful "V shape" that is all the rage and turn back the hands of time

Gummy Smile:

Get rid of extra gum exposure when smiling by relaxing the upper lip muscle

Crows Feet:

Buh bye, smiling eye crinkles. Nobody needs ya!


The ladies can't have all the fun!


When love knows no bounds.

Dimply Chin:

Smooth that pebbly "Peau d'orange" chin that worsens with time11's Get rid of the angry worry lines between the eyes

Forehead Lines:

Say goodbye to those make-up-eating creases on your forehead.

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Botox Bar

Dermal Fillers:

Speak with your hands:

Turn back the "hands" of time with gentle injections into the bony areas of your hands. Gentle and super effective at keeping them guessing!

Perfect Peach:

Get the booty you've been dreaming of with our proprietary combo of Dermal fillersNon-Surgical Chin job: Enhance a weak chin for a perfectly balanced profileNeed more Zzz's: Banish tired under eyes that no amount of concealer can fix

Temples of Doom:

Add volume to a hollow temple for an instant eye lift. Don't neglect this area that is critical for a youthful appearance

Jawline Contouring:

Snatch that profile and be as bad as you wannaJokes on you: Say goodbye to laugh lines that appear around the mouth

Cheek contour:

Look amazing for every Insta angle. Mid-facelift and perfect highlight coming up.

Liquid Rhinoplasty:

Fix nasal imperfections, humps, grooves, scars, and divots

Lips for days:

Perfectly pouty, Russian style, baby doll, super sensual, we do it all!

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Filler Dissolving

We know sometimes we get injections that no longer serve us. Sometimes the look is not what we expected or too large for our taste. We take care of our established patients, and for those coming to us for corrective work, please know it may take a few visits to dissolve your past injections, but we will take care of you.

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